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Wydarzenia Online it is a reality that opens up new things for us
possibilities. We know how to use them effectively. We have the knowledge
and tools. We provide advice and support at every stage.

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Tell us what you need and we will find a suitable solution. No matter whether online or offline – the goals of the events remain the same. We will show you how to implement them in the virtual world!

We are with you at every stage

Project consultation
and formal details
Preparation of the platform and materials
Implementation of the event
and reporting

Are you looking for professional support? You’re in the right place.

Are you thinking about creating an online event on a small, medium or large scale? Have you encountered difficulties organizing an online event? Don’t know how to keep your audience engaged?

We have created the conditions for you to be able to communicate effectively with your listeners, clients or partners during online events. We are happy to introduce you to this world!

We provide comprehensive services
based on own resources

We provide not only content creation, but also technical service, scenery and appropriate space
(virtual or real), and all this looking for maximum savings for you.

Event platform

Landing Page

  • information
  • registration
  • ticket purchase

Event zone

  • information
  • scene selection (currently live)
  • transition to other modules

Networking Zone

  • themed rooms
  • individual rooms
  • live video/chat
  • synchronization with Zoom and others

Expo zone

  • exhibitors map
  • search engine
  • dedicated packages

Professional studio

A safe, fully equipped recording studio that meets the highest hygienic standards? We offer studio facilities with professional technical service. We guarantee access to modern cameras, lighting, LED screens, microphones, sound systems, vision implementation systems, as well as multimedia, scenography and virtual special effects.

AV technical support

We recommend comprehensive technical support (including 3D design and visualization) as well as stationary and mobile studio facilities (sound, vision systems, screens, microphones, lighting, cameras, multimedia and special effects).


We design not only what we see, but also the assumptions on the basis of which we try to broadcast a coherent and effective message. Branding is not only a logo, it is primarily emotions!

  • creative direction
  • visual key
  • logo, style guides
  • www platform mockups
  • landing pages
  • animations
  • DTP projects
  • POS – e.g. a wall for the speaker
  • digital promotional materials
  • invitation, save the dare

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They talk about us

Mariusz Podymniak

Mariusz Podymniak

vice president of Hortus Media Sp. z o.o.

It was our first adventure with the organization of an international online event. Despite many fears, it turned out that the 9th International Blueberry Conference, organized in cooperation with EdukacjaOnline.pl, turned out to be a success. It was broadcast to participants from 37 countries around the world, and a total of 650 registered people took part in it. The online formula turned out to be a window to the world for our Conference, and its efficient organization allowed us to maintain the high level and brand of this event.

Aleksandra Kęsa – Zasadziak

Aleksandra Kęsa – Zasadziak

Chief Coordinator of the Academic Job Fairs

EventsOnline.pl platform was the perfect solution for us. Our event had its own professional and functional website, where participants could communicate with each other, teach and inspire each other without any barriers.

Dorota Puchalska

Dorota Puchalska

Prix agency

An event transferred to the online space is a great opportunity! Thanks to the right tools, geographical barriers or time differences actually cease to be of greater importance.

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What events can I do?

The pool of online events is almost unlimited. We will help you organize online events of an educational nature – e-learning, lectures, trainings, workshops and conferences – and entertainment, e.g. concerts or integration events. Our offer also includes product presentations, premieres and online sales campaigns.

What is the maximum number of participants in an online event?

It is enough for each participant to have access to the Internet and a computer or other mobile device (smartphone, tablet). If the above conditions are met, we are able to organize an interactive, small training for a dozen or so people with one leader or a conference with the participation of thousands of people scattered around the world. You decide.

Is online broadcasting dangerous?

Our experience in the event industry allows us to accompany you from the planning of the event to the final effect. We provide design and technical support throughout the process. All activities are possible thanks to the advanced online communication platform.

Where can you broadcast your online broadcast from?

As for the location, we offer complete freedom. We enable online broadcasting from your home, office or – for the sake of television quality – we encourage you to use our recording studio.

What is the quality of the transmitted image?

The strength of the Internet connection and the type of equipment – the quality of the outgoing message depends on these two factors. In order to obtain high quality HD, we invite you to use our studio. We can also install the appropriate infrastructure in your home or office.

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